Dapp development

Imagine a company or service that isn’t controlled by any single individual, board or other central entity.

Known as a decentralized application, or ‘dapp’ for short, we design self-executing smart contracts to replace everything that today requires a centralized leadership, from businesses and services to governments.

Investment & Advisory

These are the early days of the blockchain revolution, the full potential has yet to be explored and opportunities are growing every day.

edentiX has developed a proven investment strategy that focusses on high potential concepts, while mitigating the usual risk of getting in early. Work with us to define, monitor and optimize your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Venture Capital

The Blockchain, a novel financial technology, holds the promise to disrupt legacy parts of financial services and create new markets.

We are a sector specific, but multi-stage venture capital investor that seeks to gain diverse exposure to the Blockchain economy while offering unique co-investment opportunities and proprietary deal flow to our investors.

“With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless”

“The invention of bitcoin, a digital currency, is nothing short of revolutionary.Bitcoin, the currency, sometimes referred to as Digital Gold, on the other hand, is digital and exists purely as a mathematical object. It offers many advantages over both physical and paper currencies. It is secure, relying on almost unbreakable cryptographic code, can be divided into millions of smaller sub-units, and can be transferred securely and nearly instantaneously from one person to any other person in the world with access to internet bypassing governments, central banks and financial intermediaries such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or commercial banks eliminating time delays and transactions costs.”

Meet the edentiX Team


Mathias Adler is a digital money expert with more than 10 years of experience in online payment systems. Prior to edentiX he worked as Vice-President of Paysafe Group, Europes biggest digital wallet provider.

Mathias Adler


Maximilian Van De Sand brings more than 10 years of experience in private equity and investment advisory. He is a lawyer with a background in finance and previously helped Alliance Bernstein and Rothschild to grow their private client business.

Maximilian Van De Sand


Ivo Tasev is an IT expert with a background in system administration, financial analysis and trading. Prior to edentiX he founded ITWorks and helped Paysafe to become the leading fintech star. He worked with...

Ivo Tasev